Ref.: AUSTROFLAMM - 55X51k


  • : AUSTROFLAMM - 55X51k
  • : Firewood
  • : Fireplace
  • : 7 KW
  • Number of faces: 1
  • Door type: hinged
  • Log size: 30 cm
  • Measurements: 550x510 mm

Efforts to encapsulate the excellence of Austroflamm fireplaces inevitably fall short, given their standing as some of the world's most efficient devices. Across their entire range, these fireplaces redefine standards:

  • Yields exceeding 78% showcase a remarkably high heating capacity with minimal wood consumption, positioning Austroflamm at the pinnacle of efficiency globally.
  • CO emissions below 0.12% not only signify outstanding combustion quality but also establish these fireplaces as environmentally friendly devices, meeting stringent standards.
  • Perhaps most crucially, dust emissions consistently below 40mg/Nm3, achieved since 2010 (ahead of the 2015 German standards), set Austroflamm apart by ensuring truly ecological combustion and maintaining a highly clean and efficient environment.

In terms of quality, Austroflamm fireplaces boast advanced combustion air regulation systems, self-closing door mechanisms, innovative Keramott interior material, Heat Memory System for extended heat accumulation, convection hoods, decorative frames, and exceptional finishes. 

Technologically, Austroflamm's R&D department consistently innovates, offering cutting-edge features in its models, including the Heat Memory System (HMS) providing up to 9 hours of post-fire heat and the highly refractory Keramott interior material, based on titanium oxide, capable of reflecting all heat in the combustion chamber. These virtues collectively ensure that once a customer experiences an Austroflamm appliance, the inclination to return to any other type of fireplace becomes obsolete.

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