At Llars de foc Cortada we are an Empordà company specializing in solutions of all types to heat homes. After a long experience in the field of fireplaces and stoves, we are convinced that it is not only a matter of heating the home, but of giving it personality and making it cozier. For this reason, our projects begin with the study of the room where the fireplace or stove will be installed. Next, we advise you on which is the most suitable fireplace and we take care of assembling the necessary structure so that the result is excellent; that is to say, we don't limit ourselves to installing the fireplace where possible, but we look for the ideal space in your home and offer you tailor-made solutions thanks to the Silca plate system.


We are a team with extensive experience in baking and installing fireplaces, stoves and barbecues in the province of Girona, Barcelona and the South of France. We work with different alternatives such as, for example, firewood, gas, pellets or bioethanol. In addition, we are up to date with market developments in order to offer home heating solutions that are environmentally friendly, safe and in line with interior design trends.